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Math Department

The mission of HALA's Math Department is to create an environment that empowers students to become confident, competent, problem solvers. It is our goal for students to gain confidence in their ability to learn and apply mathematical knowledge in new situations, both independently and cooperatively.


 As a collaborative, cohesive, department we will provide students with a supportive learning environment that allows them to feel safe and encourages them to realize and to achieve their potential as learners and as productive, contributing members of the community. We will provide students with a sound curriculum that:

• Addresses state content standards 
• Is aligned within our school both horizontally and vertically 
• Addresses the needs and learning styles of our students 
• Utilizes problems with multiple-entry points for differentiated learning 
• Provides access to technology that enhances the learning experience for students 
• Allows for the application of mathematical content knowledge 
• Prepares students for
 post-secondary education and careers