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Science Department

The Science Department offers courses to meet the needs of students at all levels. In every course, students are encouraged to think for themselves and apply scientific methods to the solution of problems. Learning is accomplished through the use of a wide variety of laboratory and classroom experiences. The courses offered in the department are designed to provide students with an appreciation for Science in the real world.


For all courses culminating in a Regents examination, satisfactory laboratory reports for 1200 minutes of laboratory experience is required (1) for entrance into the Regents examination, (2) to pass the course, and/or (3) to retake the course in summer school. 


In addition, laboratory reports must be completed and submitted within the time period determined by the subject teacher but in no case more than 15 school days after the completion of the laboratory work.  A minimum of 70% of the labs must be completed each marking period to receive a passing grade for the marking period.